Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · JV Earns Team Medals for Cross Country


On Oct. 3rd, our CC kids did an excellent job running and it showed.  We had our largest group of athletes medal so far this season, and we even placed as a team in two divisions- so way to go Mehlville CC.

The team trophies show how important each individual runner is to the overall score.  At a CC meet, we score the top 5 runners from each team, so even if someone didn’t medal, they still helped the team to score a place at the meet (total teams of 11 to 15 teams)

So Congratulations to all of our cross country athletes on an excellent result at our last meet.  Overall we did very well and placed well as a team.

Here are the team results and medalist:

JV boys team 2nd place finish overall (15 teams)

JV girls team 3rd place finish overall (11 teams)


Mairead Kimberlin-  8th place  JV girls

Amy Escamilla-       10th place – JV girls

Ethan Hubbell-         9th place- JV boys

Michael Jones-        13th place- JV boys

Matthew Berhorst     15th place- JV Boys

And our one Varsity medalist:

Lucas Stratos-         15th place- Var boys

for full results, see link below: