Panthers News · Spectator Guidelines for MHS

Limit on number of spectators & expectations prior to arrival at MHS

  • Two spectators per athlete are allowed, and must be an adult family members of the athlete.  Children are not allowed.
  • A team, school or sporting venue (a field, court or other sport facility) is allowed to further limit the number of or prohibit spectators if enforcing these restrictions is not practicable
    1. Spectators at this time are not able to attend Swim Meets as we are unable to enforce social distancing guidelines put forth by the STL DPH
  • Any spectator arriving on campus who is not one of the two family spectators permitted will be denied admittance. There will be no congregating/viewing the contest from the perimeter of the facility.  No pregame or postgame tailgating will be allowed.
  • All visitors are expected to conduct a Covid-19 health screening prior to arriving on our campus or competition locations.

Process

  • A sign in process will be used to insure compliance with the spectator per athlete limitation, and monitored by the home team (MHS).
  • All spectators will sign in for each event for easy contact tracing purposes. The form will collect the following:
    1. First Name, Last Name, E-mail address, phone number, event they are attending, and a statement saying they are symptom free.
  • If asked by DPH for a list for contact tracing purposes, The Mehlville School District will provide a list of names and contact information within 24 hours of the request.

During game/match

  • Spectators are expected to social distance for the duration of their attendance at MHS, stadium seating is marked per the guidelines set forth by the STL DPH.
  • Masks are required at ALL TIMES for spectators.
  • Hand sanitizer will be located in spectator areas for guest use.
  • Concession stands will not be available.
  • Regular announcements will be made over the PA system to remind guests of mask and social distancing guidelines. Multiple administrators will be on site to remind spectators of mask and social distancing guidelines.
  • Spectators that do not comply with the requirements will be asked to leave and escorted from the premises.