Panthers News · RMA – Additional Information

RMA (Register My Athlete), our new online athlete registration system is working perfectly.  We have had many successful registrations so far.  A couple things to keep in mind when registering your athlete.

  1. You will not see the Physical Documents “complete” as soon as you upload them.  They have to be reveiwed by the Athletic Office to confirm the date is within the boundaries, and them we will mark them complete.
  2.  When you pay the Athletic Fee, it takes you to the RevTrak sight (away from RMA).  When you make the payment, we get an immediate email confirmation.  We then go back to the RMA sight and mark that payment “complete”.  So you will not see that update immediately.
  3.  The link to Register My Athlete is located at the top right of the Athletic Webpage for your conenience.

I am getting to these as quickly as possible.  Keep in mind, that I am not in the office every day over the summer.  I will do my best to get them updated as soon as possible.  As long as they are complete before the first day of tryouts, everything will be fine.

Please continue to call the office with any questions or concerns (314-467-6202).